Condo House Rules

Rules and Regulations for Occupancy South Hampton Unit 1109

  1. You must be 25 years of age or older to rent the unit and present during the term of the lease.
  2. Absolutely no pets, smoking, fireworks, loud parties or grilling on the balconies.
  3. Do not leave sliding glass door open while air conditioner is on. This could cause expensive damage to the air conditioner unit.
  4. Maximum occupancy for unit 1109 is 8 persons.
  5. Parking is limited to two cars per unit. No trailers, motor homes, buses, or motorcycles are allowed.
  6. Please limit sand in unit by using showers provided at pool decks to rinse shoes, feet and sand toys.
  7. No towels, swimsuits or other articles of clothing are permitted to hang from balcony railings.
  8. No wet swimsuits, towels or clothes on furniture, please.
  9. If you are in a group with multiple units please do not take any items from one unit to another. (ie glasses, plates, flatware etc)
  10. No personal items are to be left outside the unit in the hallways. (ie beach chairs, strollers, etc)
  11. It is understood that we, or our agent have the right to enter and inspect the unit at any reasonable times to ensure maintenance and safety of the premises.
  12. Hotel pools and Splash Park are for those who rent through the Kingston Plantation.
  13. Blinds must be in OPEN position before attempting to draw them. If balcony doors are to be left open, make sure blinds are drawn past the open area to prevent wind damage to blinds. Open blinds by turning handle. Then GENTLY pull on rod to open and push to close.

Prior to departure, Renter agrees to remove all garbage from unit and place in trash chute. Place all dirty dishes in dish washer with soap and turn on. Lock all doors, including sliding doors, upon leaving. Remove all food items from refrigerator and cabinets.

Thanks for renting unit 1109 and enjoy your stay. Have a relaxing vacation and come back to see us. We want your stay to be a great experience.Please sign our guest book in the unit.