Myrtle Beach History Of Boardwalk & Pavilion

Myrtle Beach History Of Downtown: The Myrtle Beach area is rich in culture and tradition. Continuous efforts are made to preserve and commemorate the past through museums, landmarks and tales of bygone days.

  • Kings Highway began as an Indian trail long before Europeans settled along the Grand Strand. Later, this trail became the route from the northern states to Charleston and Savannah.

  • The area’s first inhabitants were the Waccamaw and Winyah Indians, who named the region Chicora, meaning the land.

European Settlers

  • Early attempts by European explorers to settle the Grand Strand were disastrous. Spaniard Lucas Vasques de Allyon founded the first colony in North America here in 1526, but the settlement was ravaged by disease and the inhabitants perished within a year.

  • Before the Civil War, plantation owners turned Pawleys Island into one of the first summer resorts on the Atlantic coast. Historic beach cottages and other landmarks still stand.

  • Until the 1900s, the beaches of Horry County were virtually uninhabited due to the county’s geographical inaccessibility and poor economy.

  • Near the turn of the century, the Burroughs & Collins Company, a timber/turpentine firm with extensive beachfront holdings, began developing the resort potential of the Strand. In 1901, the company built the beach’s first hotel, the Seaside Inn. At that time, oceanfront lots sold for $25 and buyers received an extra lot if they built a house valued at $500 or more. The beach community was called New Town until the Horry Herald newspaper held a contest to name the area. Mrs. F.G. Burroughs, wife of the founder of Burroughs & Collins, won with the name Myrtle Beach, which she chose for the many wax myrtle trees growing wild along the shore.

    In the 1920s, a group of businessmen began building an upscale resort called Arcady at the north end of the community. Arcady featured the present Pine Lakes International Country Club (home of the Strand’s first golf club and birthplace of Sports Illustrated) and the legendary Ocean Forest Hotel.

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Myrtle Beach History

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